Low Carb Grilled Cheese

March 16, 2018

Since school is in session after the winter break, a nice keto friendly and heart warming snack is on the menu. This sandwich fills that familiar craving of the “after school snack.” We put together a FUN low carb meal to satisfy what we all crave, crispy crunchy grilled sourdough bread with melted gooey cheese, YUM!  The sourdough bread from the Great Low Carb Bread Company (Great Low Carb Sourdough Breadis our favorite choice to make the most Stupid Simple munchie!


2 Slices of Great Low Carb Sourdough Bread 

2 Slices of jack cheese, but could also use American, cheddar etc.

4 tbsp. mayo



Step 1 - Preheat non stick frying pan to medium heat.

Step 2 - Spread a generous amount (approx 1 Tbsp.) of Mayo on one side of each slice of bread.

Step 3 - Put a couple of slices of your chosen cheese on the un-Mayo’d side of a slice of bread. Place the other slice of bread on top of the cheese slices to make sandwich.

Step 4 - Transfer sandwich to heated pan to grill.

Step 5 - After a couple of minutes, flip over sandwich with a spatula to grill the other side. When desired level of golden brown deliciousness has been reached, remove grilled cheese sandwich from pan to cutting board and slice in half like picture.

Step 6 - Serve and enjoy!

Macros breakdown:

Low Carb Sourdough Grilled Cheese Macros.jpg

Macros breakdown brought to you by Stupid Simple Keto